Once your information is processed (it takes 24 - 48 hrs), you'll begin receiving daily notifications via text message to your cell phone. As an added bonus, you will also receive a bible or spiritual quote. Thank you for your support and God Bless You!!!
Please follow the steps below to register to receive daily text mesage reminders:
To register, text the following (based on your wireless company). Only select the one that applies.

    - Text the word V123 to the number 99000 (if Verizon Wireless is your mobile carrier)

    - Text the word A123 to the number 99000 (if AT&T is your mobile carrier)

    - Text the word T123 to the number 99000 (if T-Mobile is your mobile carrier)

    - Text the word S123 to the number 99000 (if Sprint is your mobile carrier)

    - Text the word M123 to the number 90000 (if Metro PCS is your mobile carrier)
We need to make God an integral part of our day. Let's put Jesus in the center of our life. Please take this opportunity to sign up to receive daily text message prayer reminders (along with a bible verse or spiritual quote). We offer this service free of charge. Please check with your wireless provider on your texting plan.
If at any point you wish to end your subscription to the daily text message prayer reminders, simply text the word STOP to the number 99000