We are a group of faithful working on spreading the message of God’s mercy. Our goal is to evangelize to all believers, to all Christian communities to come together and hold private prayers at 3 o’clock every day. It is a reminder of our Lords sacrifice at Calvary, of his great love, of the Grace and Mercy he has showered upon us.

It is our mission to encourage daily prayer to allow God the Holy Spirit to bring about a change to our world, to bring about God’s light of truth and love. The 3 o’clock prayer was a request made by our Lord to St. Faustina as he emphasized the importance of this hour for the world. Our unity as Christians is paramount. Our Lord Jesus Christ has asked us to trust in his mercy and to make devotion during this hour of great power. Please go to the prayer tab to learn the prayer requested by our Lord.

We have facilitated a text messaging system to remind all those who wish to register and receive text message reminders at 3 (along with the prayer message reminder is a bible verse and/or a quote). Another suggestion is have alarm reminder set on the mobile cell phone.