We are excited to let you know that we are launching a mobile app. The app has a free audio bible, prayers, daily messages etc. Note, we have been having issues with some of the carriers blocking our messages. This app will ensure that you will receive the daily messages. Please follow the steps below to install and launch the app and activate notifications.


  1. Go to the link http://get.theapp.co/tqvb/ and install the app (click on the iTunes App link if you have an apple device or click on the Google Play link if you have an android phone)

1 Install App.jpg

2. Install the app

2 Install app.jpg

3. Open the app

3 Open App.jpg

4. Click "Let's Go

4 Lets go.jpg

5. Enable Find Location

5 Enable Location.jpg

6. Optional: Allow while using app

6 allow app to access your location.jpg

7. Search For Our App: The Hour Of Mercy

7 Enter the hour of mercy into search ba

8. Open the app....

Next we need to activate notifications. Click on the 3 bars

8 Click on the 3 bars for notifications.

9. click on the gear on the right

9 click on the gear to enable notificati

10. Activate Notifications 

10 Turn on Notifications.jpg
11 Turn on Notifications 2.jpg
12 activate notification.jpg